About Us

Trainers dogs from left to right - Zagan, Valak, Kano, Rayne.

Trainers current competition dogs from left to right - Zagan, Valak, Kano, Rayne.  

Joshua Knowlton

Dog Trainer Josh and his dog Kano.

Josh has been a certified dog trainer for the past  13 years.  Getting his start apprenticing at a pet dog training school teaching obedience and doing behavior modification for troubled dogs. He has  competed in frisbee competitions with his pit bulls Domino and Dino. He soon got involved in the Protection Sports Association as a decoy and competitor with his dog Dino, where he earned the title of PSA1. He continued in the sport as a decoy and trainer, being voted as a National Select Decoy multiple years and helping many teams earn titles in the sport. Josh is currently competing with his  Dutch Shepherd Kano and Belgian Malinois Rayne. Kano is a 4 year old Dutch Shepherd and together they have earned their PSA1 & PSA 2 Titles; they are now training and working towards the last level of the competition which is the PSA 3 Title. Rayne is a year old Belgian Malinois; both Josh & Rayne are training and working towards their PDC which is the entry level of the PSA sport. 

Alyssa Normandie

Dog Trainer Alyssa and her dog Valak.

For the last 7 years Alyssa has been working in all facets of canine care, from pet sitting and boarding to supervising a daycare and training. Alyssa actively trains her personal dogs Valak & Zagan and is currently competing in the Protection Sports Association, working on titling her dogs in obedience and protection work. Valak is a 3 year old Dutch Shepherd that has earned his PSA 1 Title; both Valak & Alyssa are working towards their PSA 2 Title. Zagan is a 10 month old Belgian Malinois; Alyssa and Zagan are working towards their PDC which is the entry level of the PSA sport. Her passion for the betterment of dogs lives pushes her to always strive to move forward in her training. Alyssa has also owned her rescue dog Bella for the past eight years.

Kano (Josh’s Competition Dog & Companion)

Don’t let his sport training trick you into thinking he’s a mean dog. Along with being highly trained in obedience and protection work, he is very social and LOVES attention from everyone. Kano enjoys playing fetch, doing obedience, and playing with his fellow canine friends. 

Zagan (Alyssa’s Competition Dog & Companion)

Zagan is a 10 month old Belgian Malinois that lives for playing tug and getting belly rubs. Zagan loves meeting new people and craves attention from them! Zagan is training for his entry level in PSA and will compete once he’s old enough. 

Valak (Alyssa’s Competition Dog & Companion)

Valak is a dog that can do anything! He is very social and does amazing with socializing young dogs and puppies. He may not look like it, but he is the world‘s best snuggler! Valak is 3 years old and is in training for his Level 2 Title. 

Rayne (Josh’s Competition Dog & Companion)

Rayne’s favorite things in life include swimming, hiking, & socializing with her dog friends. She does not know what personal space is and demands love from everyone she meets. She’s a sweet girl that packs a punch!